Числото 19

"Човекът в черно бягаше през пустинята, а Стрелецът го следваше"

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Числото 19

Мнение от deadface » съб окт 02, 2010 1:21 am


Както знаете, числото 19 е ключово за "Тъмната кула". Но то се среща и в много други произведения на Кинг. Ето един списък, който показва колко често го използва Кинг, съзнателно или не:
160. Jamie Jaffords was 19 when he fought the wolves.

159. There are 17 years difference between the publishing of the Gunslinger and The Drawing of the three. 17years+2books=19

158. When Roland and his ka-tet are walking down the highway, they see a sign that reads, "Beware the Walkin' Dude" - a reference to Flagg's nickname in The Stand, it also has 19 letters.

157. Susie's Cruisin Trike = 19 characters (counting the apostrophe, ya ken).

156. In DT7 on the art page, the zip code at the bottom adds up to 19. Say thankya!

155. In 1981 near Sacremento CA before he leaves visit Rowen in the hospital, Callhan hears names he will hear again in the Calla in DT5. 1981=19

154. Later along "Route 19" Callahan encounters a sign offering a reward for a 2 year old cat and to call number 764. 2+7+6+4=19

153. Callahan Travels along "Route 19" in West Virginia during his past Travels as told in DT5

152. Jake counts 19 Oriza plates before he and Callahan enter the Dixie pig in DT6

151. "Man of Constant Sorrow" has 19 letters. Which Susanah changes to "Maid of constant Sorrow." DT5 where Susanah sings then Jake in DT6 before they enter the Dixie Pig

150. When John Cullum cranks the gas Pump in DT6, it stops at 0019

149. in DT5 The tishman building that Callahan referenced was addressed 982 (19) Michigan the meeting took place december 19th.

148. There were 19 Muffin Balls

147. After The Hitler Brothers attack Callahan he ends up in room 577 5+7+7=19, he ends up in that room on May 19, 1981 1+9+8+1=19.

146. When Jake and Oy are introducing themselves to the people of The Calla he says he is from the Ka-tet of ninety-nine which counting dashes has nineteen letters K+a+-+t+e+t+o+f+n+i+n+e+t+y+-+n+i+n+e.

145. The final book, The Dark Tower, ends at page 847 (8+4+7=19).

144. The 'Sneetch' weapon (based on Harry Potter) has the serial number 465-11-AA HPJKR. Using A = 1, 4+6+5+1+1+1+1 = 19.

143. "can de lach mi him en tow" (19). Sister Mary said this phrase in "The Little Sisters of Eluria". Chapter III.

142. Their room number was 1919, locker combo to Susannah/Mia's locker in their room was 1999, Mia made that the combo and then Jake easily figured it out by putting that code in and taking Black Thirteen out

141. In the hardback edition of The Dark Tower VII :The Dark Tower, the image of Roland in front of the unfound door that Susannah walks through has exactly nineteen tracks.

140. There are nineteen working gas-pumps in Citgo in Wizard and Glass.

139. No chapter in DT7 or DT6 have subchapters that number higher than 19.

138. Most Important chapters have 19 subchapters with the climax of the book happening in subchapter 19. (and the surrounding chapters usually 19 subchapters as well)

137. Mordred is born in subchapter 19 of the chapter.

136. Andy's serial number is DNF-44821-V-63. 44821 is divisble by 19 = 2359. 4+4+8+2+1 = 19. 2+3+5+9 = 19.

135. Jake and Callahan's locker number in the World Trade center is 883. 8+8+3=19.

134. In Wolves of the Calla, when Gran-Pere is telling Eddie what the Wolves really are, he tells Eddie nineteen words.

133. In The Drawing of the Three, when Roland is considering how many shells he has, it reads, 'But a click would mean nothing, and a report would only reduce twenty to nineteen . . .'

132. In the extended version of The Gunslinger, after Roland kills the inhabitants of Tull, he thinks that they've all gone to the Land of Nineteen.

131. Charlie the Choo-Choo: 19 letters (add the hyphen).

130. When Jake is headed to see The Rose for the first time, he passes a record store caled Tower of Power Records. Tower of Power Records has 19 letters in it's name.

129. "Christopher Street" (17 letters, 2 words = 19 -- the Subway where Susannah got her legs cut off). [Correction: The subway where Detta thought her legs were cut off. In DT6, Susannah herself clarified to her Detta voice that the A-Train did not stop at Christopher Street station implying that Susannah is actually from Keystone Earth. The Christopher Street station where Roland controlled Jack Mort and forced him to kill himself is the same world where Eddie and Jake comes from but not Keystone Earth where the Susannah of the ka-tet originated as was previously believed.]

128. Number of Orizas that Jake has at the battle of the Dixie Pig.

127. Detta starts with a D which is the 4th letter of the alphabet. Odetta starts with O, the 15th letter of the alphabet. Add those together and you get 19. The 19th letter of the alphabet is S, which is the first letter of Susannah.

126. Susannah, Odetta, Detta = 19 letters.

125. When Eddie commands Andy the Messenger Robot (Many Other Functions) to shut down, Andy annouces when the shutdown phase is 19% complete.

123 and 124. Oh SUSANNAH-MIO, divided girl of mine, done parked her ""RIG"" in the DIXIE PIG, in the year of '99. (19 words, counting SUSANNAH-MIO as one and ""'99"" as one, also, 1999 itself contains a 19.)

122. Roland knows of a one-eyed "Watch Me" player, named Omaha, who was stabbed at 4:14. (one-eye + 4+14) = 19

121. Roland Deschain, of Eld - 19 letters

120. Roland the Gunslinger - 19 letters

119. Susan Delgado of Mejis - 19 letters

117 and 118. In Fedic, Susannah sees a sign that says 'Say, you cool cats and boppin' kitties! I rocked at the hop with Alan Freed! Cleveland, Ohio, October 1954.' (1954 1+9+5+4=19) (There are also 19 words, if the date is counted as a word.)

116. Robert Browning wrote 'Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came in 1855. 1+8+5+5=19

115: Forty Sixth and Second - 19 letters

114: Federal Outpost 19, a lonely Quonset hut on Tower Road.

113. Roland sees several 19's in both Arabic numerals and his own numerals silouhetted in a stand of dead cottonwoods on the outskirts of Can'-Ka No Rey. He also sees CHASSIT once.

112. Roland notes that Patrick Danville would happily agree that 8+8=19 if asked.

111. Joe Collins of Odd's Lane (20 letters - the fake "s" = 19)

110. Joe Collins, Made in U.S.A. (19 letters)

109. Nigel DNK 45932 says there are 595 doors beneath the castle. (5+9+5=19)

108. Sai King's second child is Joseph Hillstrom King (19 letters)

107. Trudy Damascus sees Susannah/Mia come through to New York, at exactly 1:18 EDT (1+18=19)

106. The Crimson King searched for the Ultimate Prime Number (19 letters)

105. Fimalo, Fumalo, Feemalo (19 letters)

104. In the back room of The Manhattan Restaurant for the Mind, Jake notices a calander with Robert Browning on it, a 19th century guy.

103. Calvin Tower's nickname for Jake is "Hyperborean Wanderer" (19 letters).

102. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as well as Peter Pan are thought by Jake to be in the Modern Nineteen fairy tales the first time they went todash.

101. Eddie carves 19 on one of his wooden animals, and jokingly thinks of it as a brand to the Bar-Nineteen.

100. When Roland asks how many fairy tales there are America-side, his ka-tet say in unison, "Nineteen!" Oy follows with, "Nie-teen!"

99. When the whole ka-tet began seeing 19 in earnest, Jake called it the "Mystery Number".

98. In Susannah's first dream about New York with Eddie, Jake, and hot chocolate, a voice declares the year is "NINETEEN".

97. Sai King notes he doesn't feel there's anything important about 19 except that it's prime and he's always been fascinated by prime numbers. (And as mentioned below, he thinks he probably met his wife when he was 19.)

96. One of the number keys that had to be pressed to prime Blain's pump backward was 19.

95. The Dark Tower inside lining art has a painting of Roland holding his watch. The trees around him spell "chassit" several times and there are many shapes that could easily be 19s.

94. The Dark Tower subtitle page has 19 on it.

93. Song of Susannah subtitle page has 19 on it.

92. Wolves of the Calla subtitle page has 19 on it.

91. Wizard and Glass subtitle page has 19 on it. It also has the short essay "On Being 19".

90. The Waste Lands subtitle page has 19 on it. It also has the short essay "On Being 19".

89. The Drawing of the Three subtitle page has 19 on it. It also has the short essay "On Being 19".

88. The Gunslinger revised subtitle page has 19 on it. It also has the short essay "On Being 19".

87. In attempting to explain why he feels out of sorts in Wolves of the Calla, Eddie exclaims, "I feel nineteen!"

86. Unimpressed, Roland says, "Piss on nineteen."

85. One of the dates at the end of The Dark Tower is June 19th, 1970.

84. Roland stopped looking in the Dark Tower's rooms after the 38th (Which is 19 doubled, do ya not see it.)

83. Every room in the Dark Tower is reached by a flight of 19 steps.

82. There are 19 steps at the base of the Dark Tower.

81. The watch the Tet Corporation gave Roland cost 19 thousand dollars.

80. Roland, Oy, and Tassenbaum walk 19 (or 20) blocks from a public parking lot in New York to 2 Hammarskjold Plaza.

79. Jake dies on June 19th, 1999. Jake was of the Ka-Tet of Ninety and Nine, so all the numbers come into play on this date: two 19s, 90, 9, and 6, which Susannah notes is an upside-down 9.

78. Bryan Smith's radio also plays Owt-Ray-Juss' "Gangsta Dream 19".

77. Bryan Smith's radio plays Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen".

76. Million Dollar Bridge (19 letters).

75. McAvoy's truck that Mrs. Tassenbaum drives Roland and Jake in has a clock that stopped at 9:19 (double 19).

74. Sheemie, with the help of other Breakers, send Roland, Jake, and Oy to Keystone Maine in subchapter 19 of chapter 12 of part 2 of The Dark Tower.

73. When the Breakers peeked into the Keystone New York, the date was June 18, 1999 9:19 PM. A double 19, because Jake notes that 9+1+9=19. Rather, a triple 19 because 1999 starts with 19.

72. Eddie was shot in subchapter 19 of chapter 11 of part 2 of The Dark Tower, paving the way for the breaking of the ka-tet.

71. The first number Brautigan read from the doctor's mind was 748 (7+4+8=19).

70. The tapes that Brautigan left for the ka-tet stopped the tape counter at 1999.

69. A poster of Richard Penniman under the Dixie Pig is dated 1954 (1+9+5+4=19).

68. One of the doors under the Dixie Pig leads to Dallas, November, 1963 (1+9+6+3=19).

(Several of the following 19s are in Sai King's (to distinguish him from the real King) journal at the end of Song of Susannah -- there may be more, but perhaps they don't count?)

67. Sai King writes in his journal on June 19, 1999 that he was a grandfather and his family celebrated Father's Day. He wrote that he would go out for a walk. He dies in a car accident on the same day.

65. Sai King reports of a nightmare on New Years and dreaming he wrote down "6/19/99 O Discordia" on January 2, 1999.

64. Sai King gets some first copies of Wizard and Glass on August 19th, 1997.

63. Sai King finishes Wizard and Glass on October 19th, 1995.

62. Sai King reports on how far he is on Wizard and Glass, the true nature of Walter o'Dim, and a serious case of heebie-jeebies on July 19th, 1995.

61. Sai King's youngest graduates high school and he feels a strong desire to start Wizard and Glass on June 19th, 1995.

60. Sai King finishes The Waste Lands on January 19th, 1990.

59. Sai King finds the book Shardik on July 12th (7th month + 12 = 19), 1989.

58. Sai King's "clean" anniversary is on June 19, 1989.

57. In his journal, Sai King writes that he is upset about something on October 19th, 1987.

56. Sai King received his author's copy of The Drawing of the Three on June 19th, 1987.

55. Sai King finished The Drawing of the Three on September 19th, 1986.

54. Sai King learns that Don Grant would like to publish a limited edition of The Gunslinger on June 19th, 1980.

53. Sai King watches Star Wars and considers having The Gunslinger published as a serial in a fantasy magazine on July 19, 1977

52. Cheney, Goodman, and Schwerner died on the 19th of June, 1964.

51. Susannah-Mio's hotel room was on the 19th floor.

50. Sai King thinks he met his wife when he was 19, but isn't certain.

49. Sai King remembers the Luddites as a 19th century religious sect.

48. Calvin Tower and Aaron Deepneau stay in Cabin 19 in Maine.

47. Cara Laughs is the 19th driveway on Turtleback Lane.

46. The password Mordred knows will open the door to Arc 16 Experimantal Station's control center for Nigel is 2 5 4 1 3 1 2 1, which added together equal 19.

45. Tyrannasorbet Wrecks (19 letters)

44. 2 Hammarskjold Plaza (17 letters, plus the "2" = 19)

43. 6 beams + 12 portals + 1 tower = 19

42. Ted Stevens Brautigan (19 letters)

41. Detta Susannah Walker (19 letters)

40. The Dark Tower VII: 12 + VII (Roman numeral 7) = 19

39. Andy's serial number is DNF-44821-V-63. The first set of numbers add up to 19.

38. The East Stoneham Methodist Meeting Hall (the twin of the Calla Gathering Hall) was built in 1819 (which Eddie notes adds up to 19, of course.)

37. Often when picking wood for their fires, the ka-tet would pick up 19 branches. This happened several times.

36. Stefan Toran's will is dated March 19th, 1846 (1+8+4+6=19)

35. Benjamin Slightman Jr., (19 letters.)

34. Chassit means 19 and is the password for one of the New York/Fedic doors under the Dixie Pig.

33. Eddie and Sussanah are of the Ka-Tet of Nineteen.

32. The combination Mia uses to seal Black Thirteen in her hotel locker starts with 19.

31. Arc 16 Experimental Station, where the children of the Calla are roont and Susannah-Mio gives birth: Arc 16 -- three letters + 16 = 19, Experimental Station = 19 letters. 19 twice; it's a very dangerous place. It's also possible to turn the 6 upside down, since Susannah figured out the month of Sai King's death was June by turning a 9 into a 6...

30. Susannah/Mia stays in room 1919 of the Plaza-Park Hyatt

29. Stephen King was 19 years old when he first began thinking and writing about the Dark Tower.

28. 1972 (9+1+7+2=19) The year Joe Collins was transported to Mid-World.

27. Number of days travel (on foot) to the Dark Tower from Joe Collins' House

26. "Avenue of the Americas" (19 letters - street Jack Mort's office building is on)

25. Susannah's legs were cut off on the 19th day of August, 1959

24. Allie draws a 19 in a puddle on the bar

23. 19 people in Sheb's Bar (not counting Roland)

22. Days spent on the beach: 19

21. The locker #883 ads up to 19 in the World Trade Center.

20. In Tull, "nineteen" is the password that Walter reveals to Allie, tempting her to make Nort tell of his experiences in the land of the dead.

19. "Code 19" - when Roland is in Jack Mort's mind that is the warning issued by the police

18. Stephen King's Closing note on Wolves of the Calla is dated February 15, 2002. Add 15+2+0+0+2=19

17. The number of working oil derriks in Citgo outside of Hambry

16. Nort travelled to to the Land of 19 when he died.

15. Walter told Nort in Tull that "19" was the password to the secrets of the next world...

14. "Corner of 19th Street" - Americano Bar where Callahan gets drunk after going todash

13. The Rose has 19 petals

12. Rolling Stones song playing at Tower of Power - "19th Nervous Breakdown"

11. 19 books left on the table after Jake buys his two.

10. Eddie sees "19" in the campfire

9. The blue in the sky between the clouds forms "19"

8. Branches of a tree form the shape "19"

7. "Directive 19" - Andy's order to restrict info on the "Wolves"

6. Wayne Dale Overholser (19 letters)

5. Charlie the Choo-Choo "copyright 1936 (19)" (add up numbers 1,9,3,6)

4. Donald Frank Callahan (19 letters)

3. Richard Patrick Sayre (19 letters)

2. Claudia y Inez Bachman (19 letters)

1. Lot the rose is on - Lot #298 (19) and Block #19.


Far Stretches - Some of these are pretty far out there


"Hey Jude" is sung often in the series. The artist is The Beatles. The members are John Lennon, Paul McCartney?, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr (Ricard Starkey). John, Paul, George, Ringo = 19 letters.

Andy's serial number is DNF-44821-V-63 (If D = 4, N = 14, F = 6, and V = 22, then 4 + 14 + 6 + 22 + the 63 = 109 an anagram for 019) or (If V = the Roman numeral 5, then 4 + 14 + 6 + 5 + 6 + 3 = 38 or double 19)

Detta starts with the 4th letter of the alphabet, Odetta starts with the 15th letter. Susannah starts with the 19th letter of the alphabet. (D + O = S :: 4 + 15 = 19)

Sombra Real Estate (16 letters, 3 words = 19)

Mills Construction (17 letters, 2 words = 19)

Calla Bryn Sturgis (16 letters, 3 words = 19)

John Jake Chambers (16 letters and 3 words)

Cuthbert, Alain, Roland (19 letters in all)

Moses Isaac Carver (16 letters + 3 words)

Caretaker John Cullum (19 letters)

Low Men In Yellow Coats = (19 letters)

Stephen Edwin King (16 letters + 3 words)

Edward Cantor Dean (16 letters + 3 words)

"The Lady of Shadows" (19 letters)

Odetta, Detta, Susannah (19 letters in all)

Detta Susannah Walker (19 letters)

"Christopher Street" (17 letters, 2 words = 19 -- the Subway where Susannah got her legs cut off)

"Winchester .45" (add up numbers and letters = 19 -- the type of bullets Roland gets in New York)

Turtleback Lane Maine (19 letters)

The address for the Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. has the zip code 03844. (0+3+8+4+4=19).

In Wolves of the Calla(I think)King refrences a Yeats poem "The Second Coming". When I looked up the poem in The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature (sixth edition)by Michael Meyer I found it on page 909, or 90 and 9

A note that seems important -- 9 and 99 are also numbers which crop up commonly, although not with the frequency of 19. 99 is as big as 19 on the subtitle page for The Dark Tower, but in Song of Susannah, 99 is very small compared to the 19.

This is sort of out there but if you take 19 and 99,break them down(1+9=10 1+0=1,9+9=18 1+8=9)then place them next to eachother as they were at first you get 19 again

There are 19 novels between DT1 and DT4, and Wizard and Glass is the last DT book before King was hit by the car.


1. On the cover: C+E+L+L+I+S+Y+O+U+R+N+U+M+B+E+R+U+P+? = 19 letters.

2. On page 29, the plane, that went down on Charles Street in Boston, had a number on it: LN6409B (6+4+0+9) = 19.

3. On page 46, Clay was trying to call his wife and dialed 9 for an outside line. Then 1, then the Maine area code 207: 9+1+2+0+7 = 19.

4. On page 152, when they left Massachusetts they saw a sign: Manchester 19 miles.

5. On page 160, Gaiten Academy Est. (Estate) = 19 letters.

6. On page 250, they were taking route 19 out of Gaiten.

7. On page 373, the number on the piece of paper Ray had handed to Clay with the cell phone was: 207-919-9811 = 9-19-19.


1. Joe Wyzer's phrase: Done-bun can't be undone is 19 letters long.

2. Chapter 19 is the final chapter of the second part.

Concordance : V1

"Characters" is listed as page 19 in the Table of contents.

The Talisman\Black House

In The Talisman, when Jack and Wolf are hitching and the first driver gets scared/pissed and drives off, Jack says he's probably on Channel Nineteen of his CB, and that the cops will be there soon.

If you count only the Books of Stephen King (Not with Peter Straub) related to the Dark Tower there are 19.

Travellin Jack Sawyer : 19 letters

Thornberg Kinderling : 19 letters

Lily Cavanaugh Sawyer : 19 letters

Kaiser Bill Strassner: 19 letters

The Shining

19 steps from the lobby to the 2nd floor in the hotel.

In the hotel, the Bathtub Lady was in room 217. 2+17=19

Jack Hadn't been to a bar in nineteen months

The Presidental Suite was booked nineteen times.

'Salem's Lot

The town 'Salem's Lot was founded in 1765. 1+7+6+5=19.

The Stand

In the miniseries we find out Stu's middle name, Richard. Stuart=6. Richard=7. Redman=6. 6+7+6=19

This was the date and time that the big clock in the military base showed when it froze: 06:13:90:02:37:16. Add up the numbers in the date: 0+6+1+3+9+0=19 Add up the numbers in the time: 0+2+3+7+1+6=19

One of the The Permanent Freezone Committee meetings took place on August 19th


B+a+n+g+o+r H+y+d+r+o+e+l+e+c+t+r+i+c=19

Everything's Eventual

E+V+E+R+Y+T+H+I+N+G+S E+V+E+N+T+U+A+L = 19 Letters

The second Dark Tower short story in the book, is the name sake story "Everythings Eventual". In it, Dinky Earnshaw (a Character in DT7) is 19 years old when he is recruited to learn to be a breaker.

The Road Virus Heads North - The news story event happens on Aug 19, to a ROSEwood? woman aged 38 (19/2)

Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemtion

The Rockhammer took 19 years to wear out

Andy Dufense's prison number is SHNK-81433 8+4+1+3+3=19

Bag of Bones

7. Ki Devore is to remain in TR-90 until July 1999.

6. Fred Dean was only nineteen in 1901.

5. The secret message about where the owls are runs down the margin of page nineteen of 'My Childhood Friend.'(The first appearance of 19 on the Refrigerator is immediately followed by the heading Chapter 19.)

4. When the generator dies and the lights go out, Mike hears one word clearly. That word is, "Nineteen."

3. The nineteenth name on the nineteenth page of the phone book is Harold Failles.

2. Mike turns to page nineteen of the phone book.

1. When Mike first sees Mattie Devore, he thinks about a young, pretty girl who had become a mother at sixteen or seventeen and a widow at nineteen or twenty.


1. Duddits lives at 19 Maple Lane, Derry, Maine.

Kingdom Hospital

1. The ambulance that picks up Peter Rickman, after his accident is Unit #19.


1. When Marinville thinks about flying away from Desperation the flight he leaves on is 577. 5+7+7=19.

The Dead Zone

1. Johnny Smith shakes Greg Stillson's hand on August 19.

Other (Non Stephen-King-Book) Nineteens:

ZZ Top has a retrospective collection called Chrome, Smoke, and BBQ. On the third disc, track 19 is Velcro Fly, also known as the God Drums in the City of Lud.

Stephen King is also a huge Red Sox fan. Before this year (2004) the last time the Red Sox won a World Series was 1918...1+9+1+8=19.

In the last Red Sox loss of the year in 2004, the opponent, the New York Yankees, Scored 19 runs.

The Red Sox won the final game of the World Series on October 27, or 10/27. 10+2+7=19(thats really freaky).

In the Lord of the rings, 19 rings are given out between the elves, dwarves and men. 3 to the elves, 7 to the dwarves and 9 to men.

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Re: Числото 19

Мнение от WhiteNoise » съб авг 17, 2013 9:51 am

"Hey Jude" is sung often in the series. The artist is The Beatles. The members are John Lennon, Paul McCartney?, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr (Ricard Starkey). John, Paul, George, Ringo = 19 letters.

интересно как Макартни е с въпросителна :tooth:
точно щях да попитам каква е работата с Хей Джуд във всяко време от историята?!
Кинг явно има особено отношение към тази песен...

това е малко офф-топик, просто проверявах дали друг се е интересувал и попаднах на тази тема
а иначе съм на място, където числото 19 все още не ми е направило кой знае какво впечатление.. :huh:
I woke up this morning and i got myself a beer
The future's uncertain and the end is always near

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Re: Числото 19

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Мен повече ме изумява усърдието на автора на този списък :tooth: Ето това е фен!

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Re: Числото 19

Мнение от BOTQTA » нед мар 13, 2016 5:10 pm

Няма връзка с Тъмната Кула, но пак е любимото на всички 19!

В "Мистър Мерцедес" Брейди е направил регистрации в сайта за чат на Бил и Оливия - тази на Бил е kermitfrog19, а на Оливия е (не си спомням точно) Оливияблабла19. :)